Nyafilmer Alternative Domains

Due to recent actions taken by Telia, some of our users who are using Telia as their service provider are cannot access to our website Nyafilmer.vip.


What are we going to do?

As a response to this action, we normally change our domain and make an announcement. But it has been only a month passed since the last domain change. It is very hard and long process to change the website domain but the reason we cannot change the domain again is completely different. Because search engines like Google are indexing the websites and sometimes this process can take more than 2-3 month. Since it has been only a month passed after our latest domain change, it was risky to change the domain again.


Therefore we are announcing alternative domains!


If you are having problem to access our website from Nyafilmer.vip, you can use domains below to access Nyafilmer.



Nyafilmer.vip Webfilmer.com Tittafilmer.com


Please note that these are only domains we have currently! So if you see some website looks like our one but the domain is not on this list, please leave that website immediately.


What is an alternative domain for Nyafilmer?

Alternative domain is an alias of an original website. Every informations like movies, series, accounts and all other things will be the same. When you visit our alternative domains, you can still watch latest movies and series, you can login to your account, mark your favorites, get notifications. Everything will be same except the domain name you see on the browser.


Is it safe to use alternative domain?

Yes! If  you are visiting the official alternative domains listed above, it is completely safe! But please remember that if the domain you are visiting is not listed here, that means it is not our alternative domain and it is not safe to visit that website.